Finally Getting Started!

Dear English Students and English Teachers,

Well I’m finally getting started on the Clark English website. This has been a dream of mine for some time, and now I am very excited that I can start building the foundations of my English learning community. Clark English School (CES) is a small English school located in the centre of Ogaki City, Japan. I have a small group of students (from 3 years old to over 50), and I’m currently only open and teaching part-time. It is but a start for sure, but I am really pleased with the way things are going so far.

This autumn, I plan to make a start on releasing EFL (English as a Foreign Language) content to support both students and teachers. I wish this to be a major strength of the website, and the main reason why teachers and students alike will visit. I am passionate about the creation of high quality resources that teachers can use in the classroom, and I am learning about how to create engaging content for students online. I am sure that this website will go through many iterations on its journey, but the goal is clear, to create a hub for English teachers and students to access learning resources.

My first series of videos for teachers will focus on EFL teaching approaches. I want to share my methods and ideas with you all, and perhaps we can go about creating a place for teachers to gather and exchange their views. Some time in the future anyway. For now, I want to try and articulate my perspectives for you all.

For students, I am planning to create a lot of videos around reading, and more specifically phonics. There is an absolute plethora of materials out there about the teaching of phonics, but I have my own views, inspired by constructivism, a strong orthographic understanding and years of experience in the teaching field. So my first port of call for the EFL students of the internet is resources for the development of reading skills.

I hope that we can find each other soon, but I know for that to happen, there is a lot of work ahead of me!

We use the THRASS tool to learn about the sounds that different letter combinations make in different words.

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